Village of Westfield Cemeteries

The Village operates and maintains two cemeteries: Westfield South Cemetery and Westfield East Cemetery.


The Village is responsible for:

1) Purchase or transfer of lots

2) Residency

3) Pricing of Lots

4) Perpetual Care

5) Conveyance of Lots/ Grave Sights


For more detailed description please refer to our ordinance Chapter 237 Cemeteries.

Present Fee Schedule:

East Cemetery Resident Non-resident
Burial (4'x12') (1)$200.00$300.00
Burial (24'x12') (6)$1,000.00$1,500.00
Cremation (4'x4') (2)$200.00$300.00
Cremation (4'x12') (6)$400.00$600.00
South CemeteryResidentNon-resident
Burial (20'x11') (5)$800.00$1,200.00
Burial (16.5'x16.5) (4)$700.00$1,050.00