Commissions and Committees

The mission of each committee, commission or board is to support the Village Board in the managing the affairs of the Village, and meeting the needs of its more than 1200 residents.

A number of municipal boards and commissions are defined under state law.  Some are mandatory while others are optional.  Optional boards and commissions, like committees, may be created at the discretion of the Village Board.  Boards and commissions are typically established to supervise ans manage special municipal activities and report to the Village Board.

Committees are appointed by the Village President as advisable by resolution from the Village Board.  Committees may conduct investigations, make detailed studies of pending proposals, keep in close contact with the work of the various municipal departments and officers and otherwise perform detailed work that supports the objectives of the Village Board.


*All Reappointments and Updates take place at the May regular scheduled board meeting*


Serving on a Committee:

If you are interested in serving the community as a committee member, please review Committee Handbook and download and complete the application form.

Westfield Zoning Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals hears requests for special exceptions or variances to the Village Zoning Ordnance.  The board is a quasi judicial body that decides appeals on decisions of administrative officials of the Village, Sec. 62.23 Wisconsin Statutes.

The Westfield Zoning Board of Appeals shall consist of 5 members appointed by the president to confirmation of the common council for terms of 3 years (Member 1 - 1 yr. term; Member 2 - 2 yr. term; Member 3 - 3 yr. term).  Two citizen representatives are appointed as alternates (3 year terms).  Meets as needed.

Name Membership Term
Teresa Posthuma Citizen-at-large (3 Year Term) 2024
James Dahlke Citizen-at-large (1 Year term) 2025
Sue Standke Citizen-at-large (1 Year Term) 2024
Bruce Schmitz Citizen-at-large (2 Year Term) 2022-24
Jeff Rodger Citizen-at-large (2 Year Term) 2022-24
Gary Pope 1st Alternate 2025
Ryan Anason 2nd Alternate 2025

Westfield Board of Review

The Board of Review is a judicial body that hears and decides appeals of property assessment's.  The Board of Review shall consist of the Village President, one Trustee to designated annually by the President, and the Village Clerk-Treasurer, all of whom shall have one vote in all matters brought before the Board.

Name Membership
Kristen Flyte Village President
Jessika Stauffacher Village Trustee
Linda Quinn Village Clerk-Treasurer

Meetings are schedule as necessary through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office.

See property assessments and property taxes for more information.


Westfield Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee approves Village appropriations and expenditures, oversees financial policies.

The Budget and Finance Committee consists of 3 board members and the Village President.  The Village President shall designate the chairman of all standing committees.

The Budget & Finance Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Center Conference Room.

Name Membership
Jessika Stauffacher Village Trustee Chair
Kathy Phillis Village Trustee
Veronica Vanderhyden Village Trustee
Kristen Flyte Village President

Westfield Parks Commission

The Westfield Area Park Commission is a group of dedicated community members, business people and parents working together for the promotion of our community and the development of our youth.  The collaboration allows us to identify and achieve goals by promotions, making it an attractive place to visit, work and live.

For more information regarding the Park Commission and/or future goals and projects please contact the Village office at 296.2363.

Name Membership
Kristen Flyte Village President
Jessika Stauffacher Village Trustee
Robert Duley Citizen
Jamie Schmitz Village Fire Department
Linda Bauman Chamber of Commerce
Nathan Holly Lions Club
Perry Drew VFW/ American Legion
Joel Spoehr Village P.W. Dept.
John Madson Rod & Gun Club
Edward Mockler Public Works Director
Karen Christensen Citizen

Westfield Personnel/ Safety Committe

The Village Board makes up the Personnel/ Safety Committee.  The Village Board has primary responsibility for interpretation, administration and implementation of the provisions of the Village of Westfield Employee Handbook.

Westfield Plan Commission

The function and duty of the commission to make and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the Village.

Village President Chairman   Kristen Flyte April 2023 April 2024
Village Trustee 1 Year Kathy Phillis April 2023 April 2024
Village Trustee 1 Year Veronica Vanderhyden April 2023 April 2024
Citizen 2 Year Karen Christensen April 2022 April 2024
Citizen 1 Year Ann Moody April 2023 April 2024
Citizen 3 Year Jon Swenson April 2022 April 2025
Citizen 1 Year Jason Stauffacher April 2023 April 2024


See Zoning Map:

Municipal Court Committee

Marquette Communities Joint Municipal Court
124 E. 3rd Street.
PO Box 415
Westfield, WI 53964
Phone: (608) 608-369-3606 
Online:  -  enter PLC #A0006d
In Person Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
at the above listed address (Westfield Fire Dept. Bldg.)
Municipal Court Judge James D. Peebles 
 Municipal Court Clerk Megan Hockerman
Village of Westfield Chief  John Bitsky
 Village Board Representative Kristen Flyte
 Village Board Alternate Mark Borud