Village Hall 1930
Village of Westfield Hall & Jail.

History of Westfield

Westfield (probably named after Westfield, MA) was first settled in 1848 and was platted in 1856 by Pickens Boynton for Robert Cochrane, generally considered to be the founder of Westfield.  In 1902 or 1903, his son, T. Harry Cochrine, built what was soon to be known as the Cochrane-Nelson house at 213  Lawrence Street, and which now houses the Marquette County Historical Society Museum.  (From :Come Back in Time - Volume 1: Communities", Reetz, 1981).

Westfield was incorporated by the State of Wisconsin in 1902 and held its first Village Board on June 24, 1902.  The officials attending that first meeting were L.W. Hettinger, President, and Trustees G.B. Crockett, W.E. Forbes, C.L. Krentz, F.W. Kline, F.S. Perkins, and Fred Roskie; W.P. Fuller was the Village Clerk.  Since that first meeting a total of 114 individuals have served as Village trustees.  The first woman to serve as a trustee was Jennie Frank, from 1926-27.