Alcohol Beverage Licenses

Alcohol Beverage Licenses

License Type

Annual Fee


Retail "Class A" Intoxicating Liquor License $350.00 Allows retail sale of intoxicating liquors only in original packages or containers for consumption off the premises. Example: liquor stores and grocery stores with full liquor sale sections.
Retail "Class B" Intoxicating Liquor License $400.00 Allows retail sale of intoxicating liquors for consumption by the glass only on the premises.  Also, allows retail sale of intoxicating liquors in the original package or container for consumption off the premises.  Multiples must not exceed four liters at any one time.  Wine may be sold in the original package or otherwise in any other quantity to be consumed off the premises.  Examples: taverns and restaurants with full alcohol service.
Class "A" Beer License $75.00 Allows retail sale of fermented malt beverages (beer) in original containers only, for consumption off the premises.  Examples: grocery or convenience stores.
Class "B" Beer License $100.00 Allows retail sale of fermented malt beverages (beer) and other beverages containing less than one-half of one percent of alcohol by volume to be consumed on or off the premises.  Examples: restaurants and "beer bars".
Class "C" Wine License $100.00 Allows the retail sale of wine by the glass or in an open original container for consumption.

Special or Temporary Class "B"/ Class "B" Picnic License

Valid only for dates specified in the application

$10.00 Per Event

Allows retail sale of fermented malt beverages and wine coolers containing less than six percent alcohol by volume at a particular picnic, post meeting, fair or similar gathering.

This license may only be issued to bona fide clubs, state, county or local fairs, associations or agricultural societies, churches, lodges or societies that have been in existence for six months prior to the date of application.

Groups meeting the qualifications for this license may only receive two licenses during any 12-month period.

Wholesaler's License $25.00 Allows the sale of fermented malt beverages only in original packages or containers to dealers.


Alcohol License Application Forms

Unless otherwise noted on the application form, all application forms on this page must be signed in the presence of a notary.

Each member of a partnership, LLC, or corporation must sign the application (new or renewal) and each member must complete the Auxiliary Questionnaire.

A notary is available at the Village Hall for your convenience.


Guides and Helps

Guide for Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws PUB-302

Beverage License Forms

New Alcohol Beverage License Application AT-106

Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application AT-115

Agent Appointment Schedule AT-104

Auxiliary Questionnaire AT-113

Operator License Application

Operators License  - see bottom of page

Special/ Temporary Class "B"/ "Class B" License Form

Temporary Class "B"/ "Class B" License Application AT-315

License Transfer Forms

Premise to Premise AT-112

Person to Person AT-108

Stock Transfer AT-900


Operator/ Bartender Licenses

In establishments where the sale of alcohol beverages is permitted, the licensee, the agent, or a licensed operator must be present during all hours of sale.

All Operator Applicants will undergo a Criminal background check.  Licenses expire annually on June 30 unless otherwise noted.



Annual Fee


Operator's License


Any person 18 or older who is serving or selling alcohol beverages in an establishment with a Class A, B or C license must obtain an operator's license.

Provisional Operator's License

Valid for 60 days or until issuance of a new operator's license.


Allows holder to work as an operator for 60 days prior to completing a beverage-server training course.  Qualified applicants may receive one provisional license.

Temporary License

Event or 14 days


For persons designated as operators on behalf of a bona fide club, state, county or local fair, associations or agricultural society, church, lodge or society at a particular picnic, post meeting, fair or similar gathering.


Renewing a License - Alcohol Beverage License Renewal

When renewing a license:

  1. All applications must be filled out and returned by June 2.
  2. Auxiliary Questionnaire forms are required for all members of partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC's) and corporations.
  3. Corporations and LLC's are required to appoint an agent and complete the Schedule for Appointment of Agent.
  4. This renewal form cannot be used if there is a change in the business entity (i.e. individual has changed to a partnership, a corporation or an LLC) or partners have been added or dropped.

Picking Up Licenses:

Applicants for licenses to sell alcohol must be filed 15 days prior to the granting of the license.  Once the licensing process, new or renewal, is completed, it is the licensee's responsibility to pick up his/her license.  Renewed licenses must be picked up by 4:00 p.m., June 30.


All fees, including publication fees are sue at the time of pickup.


Operator License Renewal

When renewing a license:

  1. Applications are due by June 2nd.
  2. Applications must include the applicants full name and complete address.
  3. Fees are due when application is made.
  4. For new applicant's, proof that the applicant has successfully completed an approved beverage-server training course within the last two years or that an applicant has been licensed within the State within the last two years.
  5. for renewals, an applicant must have been licensed within the Village of Westfield during the previous license year.

Alcohol License FAQs

Information provided on this site comes from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 125, and Sections 310 of the Municipal Code or Ordinances of the Village of Westfield.

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