Support Our Library

There are many ways to support your library through donations, volunteering or advocacy.  Following are some specific ideas.  Please contact the director to find out how to get started.

Volunteer Positions

The library has several volunteer positions to be filled.

Each of these positions represents a real need that will add real value to your community.  Volunteers will gain skills and experience that can also be used on a resume when seeking employment.  Adults and high school-aged teens are encouraged to participate.  Most jobs require a 1-2 hour time commitment per week after training and most have flexible schedule.  Do you have library fines? These positions may help you work off part of your fines as well.

Positions Include:

  • Shelver's: Currently, a book shelver is needed on Mondays (30-60 minutes), and one for the third Saturday of each month (1-2 hours).
  • Book Doctor: The library has a back log of book repairs.  We need 1-2 people who will commit to learning this task.  Once the task is "caught up", the position will be an "as needed" basis.
  • Donation Sorter: This volunteer will be trained to perform preliminary sorting of book and video donations for possible inclusion to the collection.  The director then makes final decisions.
  • Fiction Series Labeler: Perfect for book lovers!  Library users are greatly aided in their reading choices by having series names and numbers marked on the spines of the books.  Training will be provided.
  • One-on One Computer Tutor: This is an as-needed position.  Many people need assistance with basic computer skills such as using a mouse or finding a specific site in the Internet.

Donate Books and DVDs

The library is continually accepting donations of books, videos, DVDs, music Cd's, etc.  Please drop them off during open hours.  The library will preview the items to see if they are needed in the collection.  Items not chosen for the collection go to the ongoing book sale managed by the Friends of the Library.  It is located in the entrance area.  There is also a larger annual book sale in June.  We do not except outdated text books, encyclopedia sets, or mail catalogs.  We will accept magazines, but no more than two-dozen per drop, please.

Financial Support

The library accepts monetary donations that provide support for collections, services or capital expenditures.  Financial supporters may indicate an area of interest they would like to support.  Donations have often been used to supplement special collections, children's summer programs, computers, shelving or other furniture.

The library Director can provide a current list of items as services that are in line with the Library's long range plans.


You may choose to honor a loved one through a memorial donation to the library.  You can indicate a particular area of the collection or the library for which the donation should go, such that it reflects the individual being honored.

Planned giving/Bequests:

If you would like to leave a legacy with the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library, this is option you should choose.  In order to ensure that your intension's are properly handled, you need to use the following language in your will:

Be specific when naming the items in your bequest.  Is it money, stocks, bonds, local historical items, rare books, etc.?