Westfield Fire Dept. Engine

History of the Westfield Fire Department

A History of Service

Westfield Volunteer Fire Department (WVFD) has a proud history of bravery in action and strong community support.  Established by the Village Board in 1905, Chief W.J. McWilliams laid the foundation for success of the department.  Early times were difficult.  Horses pulled the fire engines and firefighters received $1.00 for answering the fire bell.  In 1907 by Special Election, Village citizens approved $1500 to purchase a gasoline-powered fire engine, the most advanced technology of its time.  As firefighter techniques improved, WVFD upgraded its engines and tools.  But in 1917, a fire engulfed the original engine house, once again, Villagers responded quickly, authorizing construction of a new building for $2500.

While the cost of buildings and equipment have increased over the years, our firefighters contributions to the Village is unquelled.  Volunteers often pass service to their children and grandchildren.  This community spirit is the legacy of the Westfield Volunteer Fire Department.