Village of Westfield Public Works Department

Sign Permit

Sign Permit (525-12) - $25.00

No sign shall hereafter be located, erected, moved, reconstructed, extended, enlarged, converted or structurally altered without first taking the following steps:

  1. Filing a sign permit application and paying the required fee as set by the Village Board.
  2. Obtaining a signed permit approved by the Zoning Administrator.  If the sign permit is denied, said petitioner can ask to be placed on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the Village Board and petition the Village Board for review of the Zoning Administrator's denial.

See Chapter 525-12 of the Village Code of Ordinance for complete description of sign requirements.

Conditional Use Permit

Conditional Use Permit (525-9) - $200.00

In each zoning district there are "permitted" and "conditional" uses.  If the proposed use is listed under "conditional uses" the applicant must receive a conditional use permit from the plan commission.  See Westfield Municipal Code Chapter 525 Section 9 for more details.

Driveway Permit

Driveway Permit(248) - $15.00

No person, firm or corporation shall hereafter construct, build or establish any driveway over, across or upon any portion of the public sidewalk or public parkway without first having obtained a written permit to do so from the Village Clerk-Treasurer. 

Fence Permit

Fence Permit (267) - $20.00

No person shall erect or construct any fence on any property within the Village without having first obtained a permit for such fence from the Zoning Administrator and having paid the fee as set by the Village Board.

A plat, sketch, or survey map shall be submitted with each fence permit application showing the location of the fence in relationship to the property line including measured distances.  If a joint fence is to be constructed on the property line, a joint permit application shall be filed and signed by all parties having a property interest in the fence (only one fee is required).

Please note the application fee is $20.00 for the first 100 feet but for each additional 100 feet $10.00.

Variance Permit

Variance Permits (525-14) - $200.00

To permit the erection and use of a building or premises in any location subject to appropriate conditions and safeguards in harmony with the general purposes of this chapter, for such purposes which are reasonably necessary for public convenience and welfare.