Meet Our President and Trustees

Six Village Trustees, together with the Village President, comprise the Village Board of Trustees, commonly referred to as the Village Board.  The Village President is a voting member of the Village Board and services as its presiding officer.

The Village Board acts as the legislative arm of the village government.  The Village Board's general statutory powers include the management and control of the Village property, streets, municipal services and finances.  The Village Board has the authority to act for the public health, welfare, and convenience through licensing, levying taxes, making appropriations and other necessary means.  Both the Trustees and the President are elected at-large to two-year terms.

The Village Board meets in the Westfield Community/ Municipal building, 129 E. Third Street, on the SECOND Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. or on a special basis as needed and as called by the President.  Agendas for these meetings are published in the Marquette County Tribune and are posted at the Village Hall, Library and Westfield Super Value.  Except when a meeting is noticed as being "closed" under State Statute, the public is invited to attend.

Name Office Term Expires
Kristen Flyte President


Mark Borud Trustee 4/2025
Nancy Nelson Trustee 4/2025
Jessika Stuaffacher Trustee 4/2024
William R. Laughlin Trustee 4/2025
Veronica Vanderhyden Trustee 4/2024
Kathy Phillis Trustee 4/2024